Tuesday, February 23, 2016


In the past couple of weeks we have examined the power of reflecting our our positive achievements along with the benefits of constructive disruption. Once you've realized your good fortune and used it to silence your critics, it's time to rebuild your life strategy.

I often speak to young people who are driven to succeed but unsure of how to navigate the system. Those same people often propose the idea of leaving corporate America ten years later. We all face our frustrations. We question if we are doing the right thing. We wonder if there is a more-beneficial way to live our lives.

The litmus test is simple:

If you look forward to Monday as much as you do Friday you have a great job. 

If you are laughing right now... the joke is on you! I'm not suggesting that we are going to leap out of bed, joyful that the weekend is over, ready to catapult ourselves into 50 hours of work. But, living Sunday evenings under a turning stomach is unacceptable.

You are not performing well because your product sucks.

Your Manager is not supportive.

Your Manager is too involved in your business.

Leadership has no vision.

You are working too many hours for not nearly enough pay.

The solution: Quit!  

If you are laughing again... the joke is still on you!

You don't have to drop out, grow a beard or work on a fishing boat. You also don't have to make money a priority.

You can find work that means something, you can find a Manager you like, you can find a CEO who believes she can change the world....

...You're just too afraid to start searching....

Your lack of happiness in life is directly correlated to your lack of engagement in your job. If you try hard enough you can re-discover the real importance of professional bliss.

My friend Corey Ciochetti recently told me that he has never met a person who put money first that is truly happy.... have you?

There is a prominent law firm that has a divorce pool. Most of their lawyers are divorced before they make partner.

Every blue-haired CEO I have met has told he wished he had spent more time with his kids.

A female business mogul I know once told me that her daughter had grown to mistaken her nanny for her mom.

... what the fuck are we thinking ....

You can exist within "the system" while maintaining your personal identity.

Here's How:

Perform Well
Your odds for gaining audience with your critics drastically increase when you are notably good at your job. Before your hand goes up to contribute, your position on the ranking report is surveyed, and your input qualified accordingly.

Do What You Gotta Do
The easiest way to get to the things you want to do is completing the things you have to do. This means filling out the stupid report, reading the assignment, populating your CRM and finishing your expenses. You would be surprised how much easier your day can be when you get the mundane tasks completed.

Provide Insight 
As noted previously, you are allowed to challenge any idea as long as you have a better one. Opposing the current state without proposing a more-brilliant solution is only complaining. No one likes a complainer.

Be Creative  
We are at a generational impasse in the workforce where former contributors are riding out old methods and leaning back on process to maintain them. The only way to move forward is to have more relevant tactics and real time data to defend the need for change.

We need not storm the tower, stage a sit in or strike. Adaptation is necessary for survival. Why not be the first to try the new way and set the standard for others to follow....?

Don't Forget to Remember!


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