Monday, February 1, 2016


I had a great revelation the other night.... I was sitting in bed and the greatest feeling came over me. As I soaked in the vibe, I totally forgot what provoked my fresh feeling, but I still felt wonderful!

How wonderful the joy of Positive Recall can be. How often it is overlooked. In fact, this usually works in counterpoint:

  • Ever catch yourself hung up in negativity without knowing exactly why your mood had been altered to such a defeated extent?

What keeps us up at night is terminology usually affiliated with worry. It is so much nicer to sit up reflecting on all the good things we have experienced in our lives.

Do you struggle to recall when life was simpler? Have you forgotten how to love yourself?

Remember the little league championship you won, the first girl you kissed, the first time you heard your favorite song, the time you walked in the park with your dad, when you were awaken by your dog licking your face.

Remember your mothers laughter, the concert that changed your life, the time you did drugs and thought you would never be normal again.

Remember the best teachers and coaches you have ever had, the guy at the record store who introduced you to Black Sabbath... the time you beat up the bully, won the contest, stuck up for your sister....

Remember the look you got from the most beautiful girl in the world from across the room... and the day you married her.

Remember the time your Dad cried in front of you, when you lost your job, when your friend died or the time the girl you loved stopped loving you.

There is glory in the little things and every silver lining has a touch of grey.

There will never be a time when everything is perfect and there is something absolutely perfect about that.

Would your younger self look up to you? What advice do you have for her? Have you listened to your own advice? Have you ignored your true goals because mustering the courage to conquer them took too much work?

  • There was a time you laughed.
  • You have been a winner.
  • There was a time you were so proud of yourself that you left your feet in joy. 

These are the things we should reflect upon.... EVERY DAY!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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