Monday, June 2, 2014

Pictures Never Taken

It seems in this day-and-age of Social Media nothing is authentic! People cannot eat a meal without sharing a picture of it. We are entrenched in the lives of one another from half a world away... and it's pretty cool.

There are times when I find it annoying that a person cannot take-in their favorite song without recording every minute of it on their smart phone. People post game day photos (while neglecting to pay attention to the actual game). It seems proof of being there has become more important than the experience of being there.

What are the things you choose not to share?

I heard a podcast recently in which our humble narrator regretted not taking a picture of a given moment forever imprinted in his mind. Isn't that better?

The moments that define the essence of our existence are rarely captured on film. There is a bond of friendship that enables us to keep secrets, an emotional respect for a song that would never allow us to document it, and a glory in victory that is impossible to replicate. Sometimes the simple act of being completely present can forever replace a picture in a scrap book. As the best moments fade, we remember we have a phone in our pocket... by that time it is too late to taint the authenticity of the experience.

Our ability to interact with people who are not there is only slightly less-fascinating than our ability to allow the moment to create itself.

Get Off The Grid
Do you panic when your phone battery dies? Are you still here?

Leave your phone in your car, at your desk, or on your nightstand. Allow life to happen by sharing it only with the people whom you are experiencing these moments.

Read A Book
We seldom bother to pick up a newspaper anymore because we can read the headlines most-relevant to us in real time, at any time.

With so much information so readily available in the moment why would we read words written a hundred years ago? Because the words still matter, the stories are re-creating themselves in the headlines, and if you take some time to digest the moral of the story you might cling to something you will never forget.

Talk To Strangers
I sat next to a guy yesterday for 20 minutes of so. We shared a few stories that old friends might tell. We'll never see one another again but the moment was pure. I won't soon forget him.

Some of my best conversations happen in the coffee shop with people whose lifestyle I do not share... and it's pretty cool.

Of course we are all grateful that Al Gore created the Internet and that Justin Timberlake created social media. But the lives we pretend to lead are easy to celebrate.

The true beauty of life exists not in grand occasions or false smiles but in the moments in-between.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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