Monday, June 23, 2014

Decompressing Day 2 of SHRM14

The second day of the Society for Human Resource Management's Annual Conference is in the books and I figured I would share a few highlights from this divinely inspiring day.

My interactions in the Exhibitor Hall revealed an evolved vendor strategy across the board. I've attended this event 7 years in a row and I have never been more impressed with the exhibitors commitment to delivering content and interacting with attendees. The days of handing out stuffed animals have been replaced with presentations by subject matter experts, high impact demos, and structured customer conversations. Bravo!!

Keeping it Human with Steve Browne
There are very few people who I would arise at 3am West Coast time to watch present. Steve Browne is one of them. Steve is not a Start-Up Marketer or a Professional Speaker, he's an HR Professional who works in the deepest trenches. There is NO ONE in the Human Resources Community who cares about people more than Steve Browne and he continues to prove it again and again. While others use their social presence to sell something or promote themselves, Steve remains totally committed to sharing for the sake of improving others.

Welcome To Fabulous #HRVegas!!!
Joe Gerstandt & Jason Lauritsen began their session by orchestrating a packed house of HR People to work in four-part harmonies (no simple task). In addition to this fabulous #HRMashUp the boys delivered emotionally charged, highly intelligent workforce strategy. Jason & Joe blend age-old theory with modern day action planning that is next-level stuff for the HR Community.

The Great Robin Schooling & Matt Charney kept it very real in their talks at the packed Smart Stage. Robin paying her years in HR forward with a no-fail strategy for gaining Executive attention. Matt is on to something by relating his time in film school to story telling in organizations.

Be Brilliant!
It appeared from the overly-packed house that the word about Simon Bailey has spread like wild fire in the HR community. Simon's infectious laugh and candid delivery coupled with his Executive experience at Disney turned a speech on self-motivation into a ME/WE auditory delight.

If you are in Human Resources and have not had a chance to attend the annual SHRM conference it is a must-do! Content is delivered from a thousand angles at your disposal to interpret and transmit as you see fit.

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