Thursday, May 1, 2014

How To Get Rich!

Many people of great fiscal wealth have made life changing decisions recently. This begs the question:

What Makes One Rich?

Traditionally, we define riches in accordance with financial gain. In business (especially in sales), revenue is judge, jury and executioner. The unfortunate reality is that padding one's bank account is not a sustainable strategy. There are those who will say money is the only thing that matters in business, these people ultimately end up acting out of character. So ask yourself this:

How Much Would It Take To Forfeit Your Integrity?

Each massively successful person faces a #careercurveball - The fork in the road takes one of two directions:
1. Make Bad Choices to Keep Up with The Jones'
2. Give Back

Those who consider cash to be the definition of their success may think empathy a weakness. They put their sights on the weaknesses of others and seek to exploit them. The conclusion of this strategy is alienation of one's co-workers..short term gain for long term oblivion..burnt always catches up with them.

Don't believe me? Ask a retiring CEO his/her greatest career regret. It is never losing a deal or falling short of a certain financial milestone. When our career has ended we will regret the times we acted out of character, the person we fired to preserve our personal climb, or the dance recital missed to sit in a boardroom across the country.

On your death bed, do you want to be holding onto your child's hand or a bag full of money?

Then there are those who, at said fork in the road, make a choice to prioritize others over themselves. There are personal sacrifices involved, hard decisions have to be made, and trust that will be betrayed. Regardless of our professional road map we all face that fork in the road. It comes at different times for different people. Some face the truth after losing a job, others take a stand against injustice, and there are those who get sick of living with themselves.

Don't waste your life trying to be someone you are not. Don't allow that to which you are morally opposed to guide your decisions. Don't try to be like people you dislike.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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