Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Marley

Hey Marmalade -
I hope you are having a great day celebrating your birthday with all your friends. I saw this thing on TV where a person shared moments of growing up with their child in the hopes they would one day have a time capsule to reflect upon. My dad didn't have the opportunity to document his every thought. I'm happy to share my life with you and all of the wonderful people who read my blog.

You were born on Grandpa Bob's 70th birthday. That's why your middle name is Bobbie. Many think you are named after Bob Marley but that is not the case. In fact, I wanted to name you after Margo Tenenbaum. Your mom loves me so much that she figured Marley would be a nice combination of Margo and the name that she had in mind for you. I sure do love her very much, you are lucky to have such a wonderful Mother.

I was the first person to hold you, you had a full head of hair and big blue eyes. You stopped crying when you hit my hands. I hope my presence in your life has been continually comforting.

I used to hold your little foot in my hand but you are growing up every day. Some people would be sad to see that progression, but not me! I am so proud of you! As your coach, I expect a lot of you but I'll let you in on a secret: I've never been as good at anything as you are at soccer. I remember the first game you played, I had no expectations, you jumped out there and scored a goal right away. You haven't stopped since. (in case you are reading this years from now, in our current indoor soccer session you have scored 12 goals in 7 games). 

You are funny and talented and you have a desire to win like no one I have ever met. Most people only hold one of these qualities.

So now that you are 6, I guess I should share a few more points of advice with you:

Two years ago I told you to be nice to everyone but not to take shit from anyone. I stand by that statement! Life is way too short to be unappreciative but you should never devote attention to anyone who does not respect you.

The sports you play will benefit you for the rest of your life. You should want to achieve the highest honors in everything you do but please know that the process is more important than the score. At some point, you will realize that people value the way you treat them more than the amount of toys you possess.

Our lives are carried on by those for whom we have provided tools. In essence, we can live forever if that which we have to teach continues to be practiced. Thanks for accepting the things I have had to teach and you have my permission not to apply what I instruct. One day, you will go to college and you will have an opportunity to create a life free of my then my best-laid-plans will be embedded within you.

One request: Please be nice to your Mom! She works really, really hard and has the extended obligation of administering the things I forget (for which there are a lot). Please also know that your brother loves you more than he will ever admit, he lights up when he sees you.

Every day is a joy to be your Dad!

There will come a time when posting a birthday blog for you will become embarrassing. I promise to hand write these notes once your friends are on Facebook.

Happy Birthday Mar Mar! I Love You So Much!

- Dad


  1. P.S. Dear Mar- When you are old enough stop by and see Aunty Amy. I can tell you about some really naughty things your Daddy did when he was little... It will be fun! I love you too!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to you......enjoy yar..