Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Race For The Prize

With the advent of social media and mobile technology, it seems as soon as it is written it is outdated. We are consistently looking for new information about new things....the latest scoop, the newest gadget, the next facebook. With whiplash intensity we catapult ourselves into the next day.

The term innovation has been used loosely to describe the roller coaster that corkscrews us into the future. Is the process of moving forward about the tools at our disposal (and their limited shelf life)? Or should we consider other means?

Move Forward
The more gadgets that emerge, the less we tend to physically interact with one another. The better we write online, the further we seem to get from the art of personal articulation. We cannot assume that gadgets will accelerate us into the future. We cannot assume that a gaggle of friends in the social enterprise means anything of our ability to influence.

Can it be said that innovation may be characterized by our ability to take a step back?

Step Back
Does anybody remember laughter, kindness, the ability to smile at someone and make them feel like everything will be OK? Do we login to a social site with our armor on? Are we competing with one another (even in our free time)?

I step back to remember the words of Steve Jobs who said that innovation is an act of love.

He/She who gets to the tape first does not always win. We are not always competing, the game created does not always require participation...the rules are yours to form for yourself!

Find Your Path
The world is full of rules. Do not force more rules upon yourself or others. Pushing forward creates progress. Finding new ways to traverse the beaten path is the true journey.....the joy is in the journey!

Love is at the center of all things that propel us. You don't have to run others over to win the race for the prize. You don't have to drive yourself insane to find the next big thing.

You can be brilliant, relevant, and nice...all in the process of finding what really matters!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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