Monday, March 25, 2013

Reason to Believe

Indecision will always get the best of you! We want to think that we rationalize our way into every decision we make but Dan Ariely would refute that predisposition. In fact, it has been proven that our decisions are only 23% reason and 77% emotion.

Yes, when we are able to provoke emotion the leap into action is steadfast and convicted!

There are 3 ways to stimulate emotion in our employees:
1. Form a competition
2. Give it meaning
3. Create something bigger than the individual

You Want to Win!
People tend to shy away from competition because they believe they cannot win. Back a man into a corner long enough and he will come out swinging!

Too often the spirit of competition is ruined by the hell bent over-achiever who does not want to share the glory. Competitions fail to engage if the playing field isn't somewhat level. We all love a good challenge but a new hire and an established performer simply do not share equal ground.

Level the playing field.

If you group the workforce by production levels the trophy becomes more achievable. When I know I can win I am more apt to compete.

A Reason to Participate...
You can collect a check anywhere and every company has benefits. One will not jump out of bed simply to punch the clock. We need to do work that means something. If you look up after 30 years without the feeling that you have impacted lives for the better; your time has been wasted.

Maybe you have a great product, your organization may be committed to corporate responsibility...or maybe you have a way of connecting people in the workplace. If you don't believe in what you are doing, it makes it harder to brave the winter dawn air.

It's Lonely at the Bottom!
There are sub-cultures in every company. We all want a seat at the bar next to our compadres and the ability to wax poetic on what isn't working. We want to vent. This may lead us to formulate a culture of apathy. With any directive, we roll our eyes and criticize the disconnected leadership purpose. This is a terrible way to live!

Don't be the smart ass in the back of the room who needles the presenter, don't act as though nothing is worth believing in. In fact, do the opposite.....

I would ask you to try to be the person who believes in things...or is at least willing to try.

Life is too short to be jaded. If you are going to spend 60 hours a week somewhere you better believe in the cause. Don't pretend everything sucks. Give people a chance. Don't be the person who validates bitching with more bitching. Be the person who helps the pessimist find some optimism.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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