Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Life of a Salesman

In 1949, Arthur Miller wrote The Death of a Salesman. It is a story of a man whose livelihood was dependent upon his continual effort. A man looking for stability in an unstable profession. I remember seeing the play as a Kid and feeling so very sorry for Wily Loman. It makes me wonder why I chose this profession...?

It takes a special person to be in Sales. The lack of predictability is difficult to endure as a bachelor. It is even harder to endure when you have mouths to feed. You cannot perfectly predict your income, you cannot ensure you will be employed tomorrow, and the lifestyle wears you down. When my son asks me what I do for a job, it is difficult to explain. When my wife asks me to 'show her the money', sometimes I have only lent in my pockets.

...and then some days you win. When you win, you win big! You celebrate for a few brief moments in the sun and then we get back to the grind.

Some people say that the salespeople make all the money for the work of others. That, my friends, is Bullshit! Yes, I would like a life of greater predictability...but, I'll be dammed if I am going to wait for someone else to determine my success.

So I go boldly into each day. I put on a tie, a smile, and keep my fingers crossed in my pocket.

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