Monday, June 15, 2009

Cyber Suit

In these troubling times there are more people out of work than ever....this allotment of free time added to the free enterprise of the Internet has created a phenomenon. Many are choosing to leave the rat race and go it alone. The world of entrepreneurship has taken an ever accessible priority to those seeking to redefine business dynamics.

The plan seems simple enough: if you are having trouble promoting your resume and work experience, create a personal brand through a well defined social network. While the intent is empowering and inspiring it does present the conundrum of fluff vs. expertise. It has never been easier to share ideas, promote them as gospel and develop a following. So as resumes disappear into a black whole, those without employment are faced with creating and promoting an alter-ego to differentiate themselves among their peers.

I am of the impression that no relationship should be overlooked, you should consistently challenges yourself to develop new opportunities and that sharing ideas in a free enterprise can only benefit those seeking a new direction.

It comes down to the best allocation of time. Is it better for those beset by employment famine to take on part-time employment, look to a retail support job, or masquerade in cyberspace?

Is it more important to work or develop the ability promote your skill?

I left a networking group in the city the other day in contemplation of the aforementioned. My answer came as I entered the corridor to the train tunnel. There sat a man playing his cello in grandiose beauty. He did not speak, hold up a sign, or promote the event on Facebook. His work spoke for itself; no bravado or accompaniment.

The more options and opinions the more confusing it becomes to choose a direction. So it comes down to this: follow your genuine intent, work hard to prove your worth and stay the course....oh, and make sure you have a wide and diverse social network to promote your effort!

- Dave

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