Wednesday, December 8, 2021

An Approach to Tomorrow

It's the time of year to plan for next year unless you've lived through the last 2 years. Indeed the New Year's Resolutions going into 2020 were hit with freight train of "oh no you don't", while most people probably didn't bother setting goals for 2021. Things learned from a few years of isolation might help build a better tomorrow: people are sick of arguing with avatars and the great resignation has been hit with the great reality of a less than perfect job market. With a few years of futility behind us and a variant for every Greek letter ahead, how is it possible to catapult into a new year with any hope? 

We're alive and things, while complicated, show signs of normalizing. We might never go to an office again. We may have to adjust to technology irrupting human interaction. There may come difficult decisions with an uncertain end in mind. 

... and at some point, we'll get back to living. Why not make that time now. 

Can we allow humility to replace frustration?

Can we innovate against immobility?

Can we find a way to be grateful with so many simple pleasures being lost? 

Yes, we can!

The Story Of The Man Who Survived Poor Timing

Every road to success has a long runway covered with failure, regret and doubt. We tend to only get the tail end of the story. Michael Jordan did not make his JV Basketball team, Tom Brady was selected #199 in the NFL draft, most every tech billionaire fell on their face 100 times before finding their Big Idea. In all cases preparation and perseverance prevailed in the long run. But, what about these strange acts of god (or satan) that are unforeseeable if unavoidable?

There are certain things that are out of our control. In times of uncertainty we are some times forced to wait.... with only hope and luck in our back pocket.

Did you launch a business the 1st of 2020? Did a spell of bad luck cost you fortune or love or both? 

Your professional consequence will often be the result of motivation and drive. However, the most overlooked characteristic of success is patience. Many find their opportunity and run it over with well-intended repetition. What we fail to understand is that our effort is some times best directed through letting go. When we lack control we find that tedium can drive evaluation of time spent wisely. 

The Choice to Perform

The concept of the Great Resignation has empowered many to believe they have aces in their hand. Unfortunately, some have forgotten how to play cards. The last two years have certainly brought individual empowerment to many (through elevated professional and/or social consciousness). Some have found their moment of empowerment has been met with confusion and ill-conceived opportunity.

In the midst of success the greatest attribute one can embrace is humility. To understand fortune despite earned distinction leads to humility. To be under-stated in one's labor-driven pride leads to grace. Grace is important. 

Without chest-pounding or negotiation, to be grounded in one's current form is the definition of success. Simple success is often lost on those who amplify promotion of effort as the ultimate reward. 

Forgetting Everything That Sucks    

If you wake up with the first thought in your mind being that your day is going to suck.... it likely will! Finding resources to validate your discontent is the easiest thing in the world. To be positive in the midst of the current state of misery is a truly unique capability.

Misery is a choice. If you surround yourself with negative thinkers and/or spend your time consuming media that provokes defensiveness, you are making unfortunate choices. There are some who consider optimism to be a form of naiveite, these are people who are too weak to accept the responsibility of trying to make the world a better place. Anyone can embrace negativity and never attempt to make up for life's shortcomings. 

One day you may wake up feeling tired of always hating the dawn of another miserable day. Then it's time to do something about it. It starts with ending friendships with those who validate your excuses. From there, you'll need to develop distinct goals and a plan to achieve them. Finally there is the ever-difficult task of forgiving yourself for your failures.

And the sun shines brightly again (finally)! So, what are you waiting for? 

Don't Forget to Remember, 


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