Friday, April 13, 2018

Wait Stations

"I am taking tiny steps forward"

The Great John Darnielle revealed the power of transition in recent conversation. I've often noted that life's most memorable occasions lie in the moments in-between; sparse flashes of reward cradled in the ugly arms of a Giant called life.

"when you punish a person for dreaming their dream don't expect them to thank or forgive you"

All Hail West Texas is a record by The Mountain Goats that narrates from the limbo of lonely highways; people, like tumble weeds, waiting for the wind to blow them somewhere.

The summer between high school and college.... the transition from student to professional.... the moment when an individual becomes the leader of the tribe.

The Romance in the Leaving

"I wish the West Texas Highway was a mobius strip, I could ride it out forever when I feel my heart break"   

I've lived in several places. I was always good at leaving a location behind. I felt as though I'd done the best I could while confined there and I knew when to move on.

I loved high school: I had a great group of friends, we created art out of our boredom, we seemed to realize the fleeting brilliance of our time together. The last concert I attended in Michigan before going off to college in Arizona was tasty icing on the cake of a wonderfully meaningful part of my life. My friends and I enjoyed some libations, said what needed to be said and sat in silence on the ride home; slightly stoned with the wind blowing through our hair.

It's never easy saying goodbye... to a friend.... a job..... a place. But, with every departure there is an opportunity.... a clean slate.... a new sunrise.

If you learn to embrace that comfort can be left behind, you will always find a way to succeed.

The Hope of Making Something Meaningful

 "(we are) not too far gone to care"

If you don't do a good job beating up on yourself, you are probably too-comfortable. Self-criticism is the result of divine love for oneself; the knowledge of your power and shame in your short-comings. No person is ever measured by what they did not do. So, you might as well focus on the good stuff.

Get used to reflecting upon what you have done well. Stop worrying about what didn't happen.

In the end, we all want to be happy. Happiness is the result of observing the mountain in front of you and starting the climb to the summit.

No one wants to do the easy thing.

Put some stuff in your backpack, grab some rope and climb the mountain.

... it's waiting there for you.


The Realization that the Merry-Go-Round Has No Conclusion 

"and I waited for you but I never told you where I was"

There will be assholes (and good people too) at every company in which you are employed.

Every time you think you have your trade mastered, a new wrinkle comes into the plan.

Life would be really boring if everything was perfectly the same every day... if your every day is perfectly determined before you live it..... You Need to Start Living!

If you knew you were going to die, what would you do differently?

You are..... So, you should!

 "After one long season alone in here.... I am going to find the exit"

Don't Forget to Remember,


* Lyrical interludes provided by John Darnielle 

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