Monday, March 6, 2017

3 Tunnels of HR Connection

As The 2017 SHRM Annual Conference grows closer, the SHRM Social Media team is continuing to analyze the SHRM Competency Model's profound effect of Leadership Development.

Today we review the second competency: Relationship Management

Last month the standard was set: Wouldn't it be better if HR could pull up to work in an Ice Cream Truck as opposed to a cop car? Today, we will help you determine what to learn @ #SHRM17 that will allow you to switch vehicles when you get back to your workplace.

Let's connect with 3 Relationship Management concepts:
1. How you connect with your colleagues
2. How you connect with your employees
3. How you connect with your vendors

We are ALL IN this together!

Next Practices
HR Professionals ask me to connect them with their colleagues every day. They want to know what other programs are out there, how they are structured, what new ideas exist and which delivery methods are emerging. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to rely on me to connect you with your peers?

Where does your network exist?

Within the four walls of your workplace? Within the city you live?

There are literally thousands of social networks driven by forward-thinking HR Professionals to whom you can have access without leaving your office.

Do you participate in NextChat ?
Do you subscribe to the HRNet ?
Do you listen to HRHappyHour ?
Are you active on Twitter following the SHRM Social Media team?

You can suffer in quiet desperation or you can build your knowledge and run with it through the hallways of your organization!

Time To Hit The Hallway!
As HR Professionals, we search for ways to connect with our employees... Should we throw a party? Should we keep candy in our offices? Should we offer outstanding perks? How do we know if our perks are outstanding?

As simple as it is to attain next practices online, it is equally easy to open your door and meet your employees where they sit.

Building trust is the result of a lifestyle choice. When you choose to close the distance between you and your employees True Engagement begins to take shape. If employees know that you are not sitting in their meeting to survey inappropriate language, you might get invited to more meetings. You need not survey your employees quarterly if you can talk to them right now. You need not communicate an open door policy if your door is always open.

HR sets an organization's cultural tone:
Let your employees know that their ideas will be heard/adopted and you'll find that complaints turn into suggestions.

When the Sales Team runs toward you (not away from you) at Happy Hour.... You are officially a Business Partner!

Vendors Are People Too....    
It's hard enough to stay up on the tricks of the HR Trade while embracing your employees. The good news is, you can always beat up on your vendors to make you feel better..... Right? Not Right!

What do you look for in an outsourced HR Partnership?

Efficiency, Improved Resources, Reliability?

You will be in an office building at 10pm. You will be on conference calls in the middle of the night. You will yell at people from the front seat of your car. You will laugh uncontrollably over a well-deserved Martini at happy hour.

... and over time, these annoying little sales people can become among your closest of friends!

We tend to beat ourselves up. The pressure of maintaining order pushes us away from building and cultivating stronger relationships. The easy thing to do is keep your door closed, stay off social media, sit by yourself at lunch and turn a blind eye when you see the sales team at Happy Hour during lunch.

The far more difficult journey for a HR Professional is to take the bold step into building trust.

... To interact!

... To present yourself as a safe harbor for the troubled!

... To know about everyone in every phase of the organization and what it takes to Engage them!

We cannot be a Resource to Human Beings if we choose to hide from the very things that make Being Human difficult.

The great news is that there is a support network that exists within the people who we are called upon to help. There are people who are dealing with everything that challenges us just a few keystrokes away. If you seek to trust and empower your outsourcers, they become Partners.... or maybe even friends?

Go Make Some Friends!


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