Thursday, October 8, 2015

That Which We Lost In The Fall

I recently sat with a friend complaining about the stress of work, parenting, husbanding and the like. The conversation progressed and we talked of a friend battling Leukemia, we then realized how frivolous our complaining had been.

We are healthy, well-paid, engaged in our work and in charge of a wonderfully imperfect brood.

How did our perception lead us astray?

There are people who mean well for us so they listen to our wailing and complaining... because that's what friends are for. We feel better having the excuses for our lack of effort validated but when we reflect upon the gravity of the situation, we know we can do better....!

So try and get better and don't ever accept less. Take a plain black marker and write this on your chest..... She drew a line across the middle of my broken heart and said, "come on now let's fix this mess" .... 

We Can Get Better Because We're Not Dead Yet!    

Are we to allow the feather weight of insignificant detail to weigh us down while others would give anything for an ounce of our strength?

Jobs will come and go, people will break your heart and you can find a meaningless argument in any public place.

We who gain fortune, earn it. Maintaining our commitment to success requires focus... and along the way we are called upon to interact with the less-ambitious. It is not our responsibility to highlight the inequities of others but to find a way to accept their faults and to lift them above.

Where more than one person meets in public forum there will be uninformed opinions, ignorance and cruelty. The more we avoid these things to preserve our sanity... the further we stray from our ability to help one another get better.

...I know you were carrying too much weight on the evening when you slipped away...   

There are those who have an inability to genuinely care for you because they are too afraid of making such an investment... or they are incapable of embracing the responsibility of friendship. To allow such people to have the slightest effect on a single precious moment in our lives is criminal.

There are people with whom you will be forced to interact. Hold their commentary for a brief moment and drop it in the trash on your way out the door.

We are all lost at one time or another. Some of us just have a harder time finding our way back. Some times we need a kick in the ass, some times we need a hug and some times we need a few moments away from advice.

You will not look back on life and wish you had completed the mundane tasks forced upon you by the less emotionally intelligent.

We Can Get Better Because We're Not Dead Yet!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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