Friday, May 22, 2015


"My hands miss you, my arms miss you...the stars sing I've got their song in my head" - John Roderick 

This is a glorious time of year. Winter's slumber has awaken to sunshine, the kids are out in the field and some will have their last glimpse of innocence.

I remember the day I graduated High School. I was two towns over at my girl friend's house (the rough side of town) attending a keg party. My friend and I darted home to put on our caps and gowns. I stumbled through the door (high as a kite) into a room full of relatives, friends and neighbors... all there to celebrate my life's transition from boyhood to manhood. They applauded thunderously, aware of my altered state of mind and seemingly OK with it. I had both feet out the door.

I love hearing commencement speeches. The optimism people are able to impart upon those less experienced as they turn the page unto another chapter in their lives. What a privilege to advise others based on your experience (good or bad). Just for a moment, on that day in the sunshine on the football field, I felt an enormous pride in what I had achieved and I was excited about the boundless possibility ahead.

I spent the summer between college and high school working construction to ensure I had plenty of money for beer and weed. I attended concerts, kissed girls, enjoyed real-life conversations with my friends and said good bye to Mother Michigan. It was truly a wonderful time.

Before you flip your tassel consider this....

I can tell you that my best friends from grade school are still great friends. We talk seldom and pick up the conversation where we left off. You will meet people who require too much of your energy or who suck your resources without reciprocation. It's important to recognize the difference between real friends and passengers.

In this life you will experience one true love. If you haven't found it, wait until you do. You'll never forgive yourself for letting go of the person this world has created for you. You'll break a hundred hearts making up for it. Between then and now, you will experience love from a few others... it is fleeting and while you think your life may end without them... you will survive! Years from now, you may see their picture on Facebook and wonder why in the world you thought you loved them.

You will meet people who refuse not to be your friend. That person who sticks with you when are being an asshole, gets you home safe when you drink too much and who feed your narcissism to make you feel better. These, too, are true friends!

There is nothing more important in this world than great teachers and great bosses. You will know when you sit in a classroom with that teacher who makes you shake your head in wonderment of how they understand you so well. You'll count on one hand the bosses who make you feel safe, trusted and empowered simply by resting a hand on your shoulder.

The things that keep you up at night will fuel your success. These are also things that are not worth worrying about.

"To find someone you love, you've gotta be someone you love" - Nada Surf

If Jesus came back upon the earth today people would outcast him as a dirty hippy. If Steve Jobs sat next to you in a bar, you would move down a stool due to his odor. If Albert Einstein presented at your company conference you would laugh him off the stage.

If you have reservations about the judgement of others, you will achieve nothing. You will always be judged until you prove your worth... 90% of that battle is simply getting up the courage to get on stage.

Missing people is the sign of a good heart. Worrying about failure is an inability to accept it.

You can assure yourself that everything will be OK. And maybe everything won't be OK, but the sentiment is what matters.

Take advice with a grain of salt but accept nothing as an undeniable truth.

Be humble in victory and accountable in defeat.

If you notice a girl has a new hair style... compliment her, compliment her shoes too!

... and call your parents, friends, and siblings on their birthday... call them!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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