Friday, April 3, 2015


"...Lost in Fog and Love and Faithless Fear... I've Had Kisses That Make Judas Seem Sincere..."
- Craig Finn

The world of Big Data has made cynics of us all. We want validation for our every action. We search for proof before we act. How one spends his/her time makes all the difference in success. But, some times you have to throw logic to the wind and take action toward that which you believe in. The sure thing may provide validation, but is simply being validated actually winning?

There cannot be progress without innovation and no one ever created something inspiring by doing the safe thing.

Be A Person of Interest
The best conversationalists I know ask great questions and invest their interest in the responses. It is very easy to discern passion from bullshit by the degree in which a person collaborates.

Do you fear delegation because someone can do it better than you?
Are you so afraid to fail that you trust no one to assist you?
Would admitting a need for help make you appear weak?

Every day is an opportunity to learn: read, strike up a conversation, take a break and take a walk.

Beat Up The Bullies
When I say the word Faith what do you think of.....?

Religion? I believe Faith and Religion are separate concepts. You can dismiss God and still have faith. There are many religious types who have no faith at all.

If you believe in something with all of your heart and soul, you will achieve your goals. No One who has totally committed themselves to something ever fails. Lack of validation has simply become a very easy way to dismiss our ambition.

What Keeps You Up At Night?
Why do we toss and turn at night over life's uncertainties? Why does our worry control our mind frame? Why can't we spend our restless hours thinking about all of the magnificent things we can achieve in our lives.

If you are motivated by fear you allow your critics to succeed.

Stop doing the safe thing. Remember what you truly believe in and let that lead. At the very least... remember that only you control your place in this world. Stop trying to impress others! Stop playing by their rules and create your own!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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