Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dare To Care

It's a new year... people are talking about industry trends and habits to debunk. Are we playing a commodity game? Having recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show, I couldn't help but realize that this product driven showcase failed miserably in differentiating. Every "vendor" had 3D TVs, Wearables, Robots and Drones. As a casual observer, I was unable to find an understanding of the subtle nuances that made one smart watch smarter than another (and no one was willing to teach me).

Sales people are competitive. The one job that is always available is that of a sales person. So, most people who are bold enough to attempt a life in sales have the ability to choose the company they wish to represent. Job qualification for sales people may come down to the widget and it's features. This career assessment has created a polarizing perception of sales people. I visited 20 different booths at CES and 20 different people told me the same thing. None of which intrigued me.

Features do not paint a sustainable picture. People want to engage with one inarguable element that is consistently overlooked.....

The Truth!

If the challenge of your sales job is convincing someone that your product is the best, you probably suck at what you do!

Customer service in America is at an all time low. I've never seen more people care less about what they do. With so many people caring so little about their profession there is an abundance of opportunity for those who possess one capability:

The Ability to Care!

The greatest people I know have a vision they are incapable of abandoning. It is easy to give up on our dreams to choose the safe bet. I want you to imagine yourself at the conclusion of your career and to ponder the following:

- Have you been bold enough to help someone change their life?
- Have you walked away from opportunities that did not call upon your unique skill?
- Will your retirement party be packed with teary eyed supporters or obligated observers?
- Will you know when the game is up?

In my life, I have misjudged many things. There may be one common element in my misgivings:

The Fear of Irrelevance!

We all want to help others... to solve problems.. to be trusted.... to make a difference.

If you believe that your duty to your organization is to memorize a product function.... you believe in nothing and your life has been reduced to a duty.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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