Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why Would 2015 Be Any Different....?

"I gather all the news I need on the weather report" - Paul Simon

I had heard somebody say recently that he got more insight from the songs he heard than in the daily news. That the revelations in music spoke to the larger issues and that the news was just noise. This is a premise I resolve to embrace in 2015: To read more and scan less. I've been blogging for a long time... we bloggers are a lazy bunch: we take a current issue, apply it to the business we are in, and highlight a few points. Most of us who read blogs spend two minutes scanning the headlines and move on (more informed). We live in a time when people buy singles not records. Our sources of information are quick to make a point. Our patience has waned because our bullshit meter is more acute than ever. While that is not a bad thing, it is the easy way out!

"I might as well resign myself to try and make a change" - Adam Duritz

We all hate to give in to our weaknesses. We want to come from a place of strength... to showcase our expertise and to hide our insecurities. Unfortunately, we cannot move forward if our only coach speaks from within. We have to try new things and get rid of bad habits!

We spend the Holidays buying things for our loved ones... is this an effort to apologize for our lack of availability during the rest of the year? We make New Year's Resolutions that we do not keep... flipping a calendar is not a compelling basis for behavior change. The challenge is not to smile while you are wearing a stupid sweater... the challenge is to be present when there are no presents under the tree.

What do YOU Believe in?
How will you spend your time preparing for the New Year? Will you learn about a product line, take a class in a subject that does not peak your interest, or try to forgive someone who will never love you? Stop wasting your precious time and do what you want to do... I'm not suggesting you quit your day job and join the circus, but you can navigate your motivation.

The song "empty cans" crescendos The Streets extraordinary concept record A Grand Don't Come For Free. It is simply the culmination of life's greatest lesson: Your Perception & Attitude Determine Your Fate!

Are you miserable? Do you even know if you are? 

I live in places where people talk but only interact with them when instigated. I overhear people complaining far more than I do individuals complimenting one another. This may be life's unfair lot: that love is assumed and not necessary to mention... which is OK.... but it's nice to be reminded that you are awesome as opposed to being told your hard work is useless. We tend to forget to celebrate our uniqueness and to focus on our inability to keep up (with the insignificant).

"Heartbreak hurts but you can dance it off" - Craig Finn

Recalling sleepless nights in 2014, I can give you a few pieces of advice:

  • If you prepare, you are far more likely to win.
  • If you are worried, you are probably chasing ghosts.
  • Only YOU know if you have done what you should at the conclusion of each day.

We can fake it and it might get us through the day, but it won't get us through the year. They know all of our secrets: they know if we are cheating, if we haven't done enough, and weather or not the cards we pretend to possess exist. Our secrets are written upon our face.

Don't waste a minute pretending to be someone you are not. Don't expect to win if you haven't prepared. Don't give people who disrespect you another beat of your heart. Don't think this year will be different from the last if you do not commit to release yourself from your bad habits. Don't neglect an opportunity to help someone by being polite. Don't be impolite because you feel your misery should be shared.

I Promise You: We Can Do This... Because We Can! 

Don't Forget to Remember!


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