Monday, February 17, 2014

Removing The Clutter

It is astonishing to me what sparks intrigue in social media. It seems you can write the world's most inspiring piece...and 7 people will read it. If you attack another person, or submit blanket insults, thousands will chime in.

Could it be that the attraction to social media is the ability to say from behind a keyboard what you would not otherwise say in-person?

In the professional world there are two types of people:
1. Those who have an opinion
2. Those who play the game

The oldest trick in the bitter worker's playbook is to complain relentlessly from the bar stool then tuck their tale between their legs when entering the office. It is difficult to balance the line between productive disruption and complaining. We who possess courage can often be our own worst enemy.

How do we remove the clutter?

The Value of Validation
People just want to be loved. We've all got ideas (or at least most of us do) and we want them to be heard. The reason we get up and go to work is to make a difference.

If we start feeling we are insignificant we get desperate...then we act out of character....and we cannot return to the valued version of ourselves.

It is sad to think in terms of a life without meaning. Those tackling this conundrum may be masking their insecurity with a false sense of authority.

Kill Them With Kindness
It can be detrimental to one's character to accept that which you don't believe in. Compromise can be painful. There is more than one way to fight the machine.

Progress is seldom made if your opinions precede you. Action is far more important than talk. No matter how relevant your ideas, how you present them determines their level of adoption.

Learn to pick your battles and put your energy into solutions not discrepancies.

Don't Give Them An Excuse
Emotion is necessary. Control is paramount. You validate your critics when you allow your emotion to disrupt your character.

There are those who will tell you they did not experience success until they started breaking the rules. There is a science to breaking the rules without chastising yourself.

Take Action
* Do not voice a complaint without promising a better alternative.
* Promote positive change.
* Get to know your critics, they are all bark and no bite.
* Invest in people before you try to influence them.
* Keep your stripes well-hidden.
* Research every relationship.
* Choose your battles wisely.
* Choose your friends wisely.
* Don't fight what you cannot change.
* Don't engage people who wish to destroy you!
* Don't give up on people who are crying for help!

Ask yourself what you want out of life and pursue it with divine intent. Our time here is fleeting and we always remember our victories more than our losses.

We Can Do This.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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  1. Its difficult to remove clutter completely. Clutter always says: I'l be back...