Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Hypocritical Oath

The Bay Area has been flooded with calls, blogs, and social media posts over the last few days. It appears Richard Sherman has a big mouth...?

Who Cares!

Let's be honest: the real reason 49er fans are upset is because their team lost in dramatic fashion. Sports are a divine metaphor for life and we take these moments incredibly personally. I get it. It could be worse niner fans, you could be a Raider fan like me.'ve got that going for you!

I recall a playoff baseball game in which Derek Lowe was criticized for pumping his fist after a strike out. Players are always frowned upon for excessive celebration. There are a million 40 year olds and twice as many 60 year olds who forget how they acted when they were younger. Many have never won a championship, some never even played a sport. They speak of a code that doesn't exist. The celebration only hurts when you lose, and believe me, I know that hurt.

Don't pretend you wouldn't have applauded your guy for his "enthusiasm in the moment" if the scoreboard were flipped.

It takes an extraordinary amount of self-confidence to be great, if you don't get it, you don't have it!

Dry & Secure 
I have always lived by a simple vision statement:
Be humble in victory and accountable in defeat!!!

...easy for me to say...

There is nothing more important than self-confidence. If you go into a game with the pretension that you are going to lose, you should stay home. The miracle of living is that the future holds no certainty. In sports more than anything, we have a rare glimpse at the power of the human spirit. Every once in a while someone who is more talented and/or better practiced loses to someone who wants it more. Glory can only result when those who are assumed better are knocked off of their pedestal. Such a contest makes everyone better.

Discomfort Gives Birth to Change
The great Steve Jobs was notorious for throwing fits when things at Apple were seemingly at their finest. Mr. Jobs admitted that "fine" was totally unacceptable. The moment you get comfortable, you start moving backward.

Only you know if you have done everything you could have today to make the world a better place.

To the women and men who hit their pillows with utter exhaustion tonight, I salute you.

The rest of you who are making excuses about the company you work for, the leadership, or your faulty something about it!

No More Hiding
Almost every conversation I have with Human Resources professionals begins disingenuous in our polite workforce management vision.

Millions of people will retire in the next 5 years...
are they passing along their knowledge or protecting their asses for another 36 months of pay checks?

Millions of people will be taking on leadership positions for which they are not qualified...
why do we assume great individual contributors will be good leaders?

Millions of people are entering the workforce in the next 5 years....
why are we pretending to understand THEIR preferences and not just issuing challenges to our entire workforce?

In Summation:
A man grew up in one of the most violent neighborhoods in America, survived to graduate high school, and ultimately received a degree from Stanford University.... Inspiring! Does he not reserve the right to be proud?

His name is Richard Sherman. You know nothing about him.... you're just mad your team lost.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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