Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For Your Consideration

We've made it through the Holidays and the "best of" lists of the year passed. Now it's time to be inundated with lists that include the Top 10 trends of the year to come. In most cases these clairvoyant editorials are merely positioning to sell something. Everyone has now adopted social media which means they are seeking to commoditize it. The innuendo goes, "if I'm going to invest in this, I need to be able to predict the ROI". Most are looking to consume, regurgitate, and get paid. There in something far more important to consider:

The ROI of Generosity is Living a Purpose Driven Life.

With the influx of information at our disposal how do we find that with which we truly identify?


My passion can be mistaken for negativity. Nothing is gained from negativity. With that said, we owe it to ourselves to call BS on time-sucking, systematic exercises of futility. So how can you stay positive without getting run over?

We seem to believe it is impossible to provoke change without being "disruptive". If your goal is only to disrupt without a means to restructure, you are part of the problem.

Things are not cohesive with the way you would do things if you were the leader...but you're not the leader...and there is a reason for that. Every time you present a counterpoint it sounds like you're bitching. No one will follow someone whose only drive is vengeance. If you don't frame your objective properly, you will come off as a purposeless complainer.

Stay Positive
When you find yourself at Happy Hour with your co-workers do you find yourselves complaining? It can be said that your co-workers can be a vessel for your venom. Empathy requires company and sometimes people just need a little validation. It's time to stop that trend! When your co-worker starts complaining about organizational directives hand her a bar napkin and a pen and ask...

How Would You Do It Better?

People are where they are because of themselves. We can blame leadership or the economy or our lifestyle (or lack thereof). Or we can do something about it.

The most interesting people with whom I have spoken this last year are unflappable in their positivity. Their determination is fueled not by what isn't but by what can be. They have no time for complaints.

What would it take to get you there?

Dear Readers, we live in a world of followers. There are very few inventors and a whole bunch of copy cats. The first step in being special is having the audacity to try. If we are to teach we have to be courageous.

The world has two groups: Heroes & Cowards. Who are you going to be?

Don't Forget to Remember!


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