Monday, September 9, 2013


My occupation allows me to swim in many waters. I work with Marketing, Sales and HR Leaders across the Globe. While we want to believe we live in a time of organizational alignment, we simply do not!! Marketing wants Big Data, Sales wants to see the ROI and HR wants to be accepted for their Leadership contributions. We say our mission, vision and values align us; but far too often they are swept under the rug in difference to our more immediate goals. With the recession concluding, employees have taken the power back: Jobs are more readily available and our personal brands are now stronger than our company logos.

What can bring us together?

The understanding that results are not produced by managing metrics. Results are produced by empowering people.

Regardless of your title or role you would rather be told you are awesome than you suck. Your manager may believe differently.

Indeed, there is still a large contingency of "leaders" who believe that only numbers matter. You can choose to adapt or spend half your time hiring replacements for your extraordinary producers.

Numbers Lie
No one would advise you that production is not the most important function of any given job. Let's assume that everyone on your team is at their quota (this goes along with receiving your ID badge).

Now what?

Many Managers are far too consumed with under-performance. They spend their time disciplining the least of their talent. They look at their broken system of micro management and intensify it when their producers fall short. As if to say, I have failed to help you because I rely on a system that focuses on results, not the learning process (much like cramming for a test). Yet, I ask of you to do more memorizing and to prospect by numbers....this will ultimately produce a 10% production ratio that we have come to call success.


Let me remind you that you can motivate by the bench of the basket. If I tell you I will bench you if you do not play well, you will do just enough to stay in the game. If I provide you with the skills and the trust to manage the game, you will score....and win!

Wake Up Call
We are experiencing a New Economic Order. Buyers are far more educated because information on every product/service is readily available. The recession has taught us to live with only the things that intrigue and inspire us. Slick talk that is merely a re-iteration of what your buyer has already read in researching your company will get you no where.

Differentiation is the new American Way! The one thing that cannot be re-produced or outsourced, is the ability to understand what your customer needs. Your creativity and understanding of how to solve business problems cannot be packaged or sold.

Under Your Nose
The Managers greatest gift are the employees that serve him/her. It is incumbent upon both parties to understand where strengths lie and to formulate a holistic strategy that blends your skills.

~ Managers are good at certain things - forecasting, strategy, market knowledge - stick to that!
~ Employees are good at certain things - presenting, researching, relationship building - stick to that!

Let's not denigrate one another by trying to do aspects of each other's jobs. Let's not try to motivate our employees through consequence. Let's try to bridge generational gaps. Let the old guard know that their legacy is outside their office door. We should be willing to teach to keep our legacy in-tact.

We should bounce out of bed every day, invigorated by purpose. We should be willing to be uncomfortable all the time. We should seek to solve problems and to take on new adventures.

While hate doesn't motivate, it should be noted that the company picnic is not a year long event!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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