Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Lies Forced Upon Graduates

I have the divine pleasure of being a member of the Phi Delta Theta Education Committee. Our goal is to enhance the learning experience for undergrads to develop their professional acumen. Fraternities get a bum rap based on tradition. Nowadays, the young men I work with are committed to their education and their communities. Times have changed and the youth of today give me profound faith in the future!

Unfortunately, graduation time comes with a plethora of bad advice. It is at this time that Uncle Bill has too many whiskey sours and tells you the truth about the real world. The problem is there is no truth in these tall tales.

It is a shame that at the time of graduation we discourage progress. I have seen the leaders of tomorrow and they are ready to tackle the world!

Class of 2013 -
Here are 5 things that people will tell you that are simply untrue:

1. Finding a Job Will Be Difficult
Congratulations to Generation Y, you are the most stereotyped generation in the history of the professional world. Just so you know, the studies written about your lack of attention span and sense of entitlement were written by Baby Boomers who are trying to validate their existence. You are more focused and more creative than they are....they are scared shitless of you and they should be!

Advice: Next time someone outside of your generation gives you advice about your generation, steal their job!

2. It's Time To Conform
People will line up to tell you how things are done in the real world. Smile, nod, and do it your way. Tradition is simply a way to validate the existence of those who have run out of ideas. DO NOT allow yourself to be marginalized. Be constructively disruptive! Be creative! Find a door where others see a wall (because you are not a victim of tradition).

Advice: You will be validated if your ideas are well-presented and backed with statistics. Always have numbers to strengthen your words!!!

3. Slow Down
Nope, speed up! If you are not moving forward, you are in reverse. Every company has their nay-sayers.........ignore them!

Advice: Don't allow negative influences to rain on your parade. You are capable of anything!

4. Fun Is Not Part of the Equation
Wrong! Your personal brand is as strong as your company logo. Now more than ever feedback from the trenches is valued.

Advice: Don't pretend the party is over! Use your unique voice to empower your company culture.

5. If at first You Don't Succeed, Get Another Degree
Your book knowledge is intact....and you will spend 10 more years paying for it. Get some street smarts to go along with your certification. Learning is an awesome foundation, but you cannot evolve until you apply. Books don't talk back. The script changes when it becomes interactive.

Advice: Skip grad school for 2 years in the Peace Corp

Congratulations on your monumental achievement! Of all the advice you receive, lend the most credence to the words that come from the other side of the mirror.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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