Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pray For Boston

I hesitated to write this post because I am not from Boston nor do I run. DFTR has never shied away from human interest stories (even in the case of tragedy).

Instead of sharing my thoughts, I would ask my loyal readers to read a post written by my friend, Steve Good:
My Heart Is In Boston

Steve is an avid runner and has an occupation that takes his throughout our great country. He has used his blog to explore different cities and towns introducing local folklore through his morning run. His lifetime commitment to running and his experience in running the Boston Marathon make him far more qualified to write on the subject than I. Please take a few minutes to read Steve's blog!!!!

Places are given life by the people who inhabit their streets. Boston to me is an extension of the following people:
Peter Shaffer
Paul Fleck
Steve Trompeter
Dave Zimmer
Kristin Biernat

...these people are as close to siblings to me and my heart aches for their friends, family, and their city.

I will leave you with this:
There was a bully in my town growing up. For months he made my life hell. He would break my things, insult my school work, threaten physical harm, and create an uncertainty in each morning walk to school. After baseball practice one day the park cleared out quickly. Our team boarded their parents cars leaving only me and the aforementioned bully in a vacant field. As he approached me the fear of God boiled in my veins. There was no one around to help me. So, I did what anyone would do in the situation. Instead of rolling over, I raised my fists.....and beat the fuck out of him!

As I punched the bully several times in the face, I looked up to see my mother standing there. I would assuredly be grounded for a month. The ride home was silent. I guessed she was bringing my father in on this one. But, the discipline never came....

Months later, I heard my mom in the kitchen with her friend. The Irish Whiskey was flowing. She was explaining how she knew of the way this person was treating me and that she felt confident the bully would be revealed as a coward over time. She explained how proud she was of me to find the confidence to expose him.

Though no one saw the altercation, the walk to school the next morning was much different. The bully was a shell of himself from there forward. He never messed with anyone again!

Hug your kids a little tighter, give your fellow man a nod in the coffee shop, and go forward without fear!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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