Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work Healthy

There has been what may be an insurmountable backlash to Yahoo's reversal of work from home policy. The intent of the directive and how it plays out will be more important to the Internet minion than the initial press.

Does Yahoo mistrust their employees to the extent that they feel progress is impossible without punching the clock?


Are they trying to build a culture?

Having worked from home and in an office environment, I can see both sides of the argument.

Point 1: People may be more productive in the sanctity of their home office but they take more personal time during the working day. Work/life balance is productive as long as the life doesn't overwhelm the work.

Point 2: People get more done in an office environment. With resources at arms reach, things are more streamlined.

Yahoo will lose employees simply because people are resistant to change. A culture shift of this magnitude may usher out the old guard...and Yahoo's competition will be selling new talent
on flexibility. It is a bold move! Most great organizational culture shifts are unpopular at first glance.

To work from your personal oasis or in cubicle nation? The best solution is a little of both.

People want to be trusted, they want to create at their own pace, and they want to be part of something they believe in. We want leadership who inspires, the ability to cut out to see our daughter's cupcake party, and we want our ideas adopted to prove we are part of organizational progress.

The aforementioned directives speak to employee wellness! It has become a buzz term, but Wellness taps into our ability to feel mentally, physically, and spiritually productive at work.

People don't need corporate policy or a boss to tell them how to be productive. We are motivated by our own direction and the better an organization can support our well-being, the better we will perform.

I am productive at the coffee shop with my I-pod on. I feel it necessary to exercise during my lunch hour. After a day in the marketplace visiting clients, I feel re-energized. I also enjoy business travel. Does that make me the exception or the rule?

If Yahoo's directive creates transparency, enhances teamwork, and allows employees to interact in the context of activities they personally enjoy.....they may just become the best place to work!

Good luck with that!

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