Friday, December 14, 2012

At The End of the World

Dear Loyal Readers -
As you are all aware 12.21.12 will mark the end of the world as we know it. I must say it has been a joyous ride! I have enjoyed every minute in this beautiful place. With one week left in our existence it is only fitting to thank the readers of DFTR for many years of companionship.

It goes without saying that I Love my Family....I will save our thank you for our final trot into the sunset.

I want to thank the extraordinary Laurie Ruettimann for inspiring me to write with candor, intelligence, and a sense of humor. I want to thank Steve Browne for being the most generous person in social media.

There are people who read this blog religiously, I thank you for taking time away from your life to escape into my mind: Kevin Costello, Brian Garvey, Steve Trompeter, Brett Butz, Peter Shaffer, Tara Collins, Steve Fanelli, Ned Fitzpatrick, Luke Benfield, Duke Fightmaster, Reid Retherford, Mary Sanderson, Dan Whitely, and the additional 750,000 people who have read my posts over the years.

What Have We Learned?
I hope I may have inspired a few people to work with greater purpose while taking life's lessons with a grain of salt. I hope I may have inspired a few people to beat themselves up a little less and to take their energy in a more beneficial direction. I hope you may have derived great self-confidence from this blog and have learned that you are your own judge and jury. I hope you never allow anyone to put a finger in your face. I hope you have hugged those you love (and a few people you don't)....and maybe you told a few people to Fuck Off along the way. You might want to apologize to them before the world ends. The line at the pearly gates will be long, best to hedge your bets.

Over The Next Week...
7 days...a few fleeting moments to say and do everything you ever wanted. Tell those you love that you love them. Call an old friend. Try a new food. Enjoy a drink. Stick up for yourself. Mend a fence. Tell the girl in HR that you have been in love with her since 2004. Let your boss know that she is appreciated; and that she doesn't have to try so hard to please everyone. Stop to say hello to a stranger. Thank the kid at the coffee shop. Tip your bartender an extra buck. Forgive your neighbor for letting his dog crap on your lawn. Call your favorite teacher and thank him/her. Write a manifesto for the end of the world to express how you might have lived life differently......and in the rare event the world doesn't actually end.....follow that manifesto. This life is yours to live! There is nothing keeping you from being exactly who you want to be! Be disruptive with loving intentions to make the world a better place. The miracle of your existence is far too precious to spend on anything less than making the impossible a distinct reality.

Thank you for 39 years of awesomeness! I hope we will all meet again in a place equally wonderful!

Don't Forget to Remember!



  1. Hey David, i have inspired by your words but i hope it is not true that the world is going to end. I appreciate you for your apologies hope will be going further

    Thanks !!

  2. Thanks Jemma! We will discuss further on 12.22.12!