Monday, August 20, 2012

Summers Fading Shimmer

Today, kids are moving into their college dorms, some are starting their first day of class, and a few others are enchanting their last week in their hometown. I remember this experience so vividly. That point of transition in life when you are caught between leaving the past behind and doing your utmost to hold on to it. In a word: Romantic!

I remember my final weekend in the great state of Michigan. 30 of us traveled to a concert in Clarkston before saying our goodbyes. Looking back, there was an accelerated maturity about my group of friends. We were all headed in separate directions so we savored that last day in the sun.

I loved my friends and family, but I couldn't wait to move on. With a hangover, I boarded a plane across the country. Looking back before closing the blind, I most likely shed a quick tear, and headed into the day dream that landed me in the next place.

I am a fortunate person, in that, I have been able to maximize every day in my life. I have lived in several places and have found symphony among them. My wedding day was one of the most rewarding of my life. My best friends from 4 different areas shared an instant camaraderie, proving that people are genuinely good. We all believe in similar things, and mostly, we just want to be happy!

I had the pleasure of sitting in a room with a man on one of his last days on earth. It was early in the morning and he was watching the sun rise out of his hospital window. Realizing that we was discovering his moment of peace in this world, I tried not to make a sound, and sat in the corner. After about ten minutes of watching him watch his final day come to life he said, "Thank You". I did not have to ask for validation of his comment, I knew. He was pleased that I didn't complicate his last sunrise with words.....

Dear Readers, I need not remind you that this life is fleeting! Let's assume you might have 29,200 days on this earth. Think about how many times you have flipped the calendar and ask yourself:

How Have I Done So Far?

I have never met a CEO who didn't tell me that he/she wished they could have missed that board meeting to see their daughter's piano recital. Nor have I met a perennial under-achiever who hadn't come to the realization that they spent too much time planning for life while it passed them by.

You should read as much as possible, but that doesn't give you a reason to be a pompous intellectual.You should work really hard, but that doesn't give you the right to insult a man for having clean fingernails. If you try as hard as you can to be the best person possible nothing is too important. We covet only the things we should have paid more attention to.

So let's try this...with every day, look yourself in the mirror and say:
Today Is The Day!

...I'm nearly half way to 29,200 and I have a lot of catching up to do!

If you still have a foot in your hometown I would suggest kissing the girl you have always loved, telling your friends of their specific meaning in your life, and letting your parents know how proud you are of them. You've got it from here....

Don't Forget to Remember!


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