Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Commencement

Congratulations to the Class of 2012! Your college degree is the greatest pre-qualifier you can posses. With that last canned beer in hand you are about to receive a plethora of advice. People want the best for you, so you will hear grandiose tales of the importance of your graduation day. While my intentions for you are equally caring, my advice is far more simple.

You now consider a career path. Here are a few simple habits that will assist in the foundation of your success. I wish someone would have advised me with subtlety when I was in your gown:
1. Do One More Thing - with each day when you go to shut down your mac book, perform one extra task. This often opens your thought pattern to create new doors of perception to take you into your evening.

2. Be Humble - you are part of the most stereotyped generation in history (albeit unfairly). The best way to earn respect as the "new kid on the block" is to work hard and keep your head down. Save the post-work commentary for your guest post on this blog.

3. Don't Listen to Advice - people will tell you that you are entering a tough job market....this is because they hate their jobs (and their lives). If you allow people to discourage you by premise of their miserable past you sink to their level. You are young, talented, and you do not carry the baggage of the past. Find something you love and love it every day!

4. Let Your Passion Lead - at your tender age your overhead is low. You may have a few student loans to pay off and you will want to take the girl from apartment 2A out for drinks. With this in mind, you can work at the local Whole Foods for a few years if you need to. Don't jump into a job with a company you hate because they are giving out pay checks. If you do, you will look up 20 years from now and realize you are the one giving bad advice to young people.

5. Love Your I-pod - there is a tune for every moment in your life that will help you celebrate the good times and will get you through the bad times. You would be surprised how 4 minutes with the head phones on can change your entire day.

6. Exercise - it is a scientific fact that your brain is more powerful when you get an hour of physical exercise. It helps to take a break from the office to take a walk.

7. Give People the Benefit of the Doubt - your natural inclination will be to roll your eyes at people. It helps to be aware that the best advice you will receive will come from the most unlikely sources.

8. Allow No One to Put a Finger in Your Face - if your boss pushes you around, quit! I promise you that nothing good will come of a boss who seeks power through a title (because they have no life).

9. Be Nice to the Starbucks Guy - people who work in retail have very hard jobs. Please do not project your frustration from the workplace on the person who works at the local coffee shop.

10. Smile - the easiest thing to do is to be negative. The only way to create endurable success is to be positive. Positivity is not a sign of naivete'.

If at any time, you need any advice, I will take time out of my day to listen. Feel free to contact me:

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