Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Happiness Priority

Last week we reviewed Tony Hsieh's model for happiness in accordance with Simon Sinek's golden circle. The premise of both ideologies is priority through intention-based decision making. In essence, that which motivates you should be connected with that which you genuinely believe in. Seems simple enough but it is consistently over-looked.

I have the pleasure of conducting a multi-part seminar on Cultivating Employee Engagement this year. Each month, I meet with a group of Human Resource Professionals in different regions of Northern California. You might be surprised how well attended these seminars have been. Nearly 50 attendees at each session on the same quest - to bring happiness into their workplace. Seems simple enough but it is consistently over-looked!

We've spoke at length in this blog over the superficiality of the holidays. No holiday is more superficial than Valentine's Day! Chocolates, flowers, a nice dinner and....LOVE! A day to remind us to tell that special someone we love them...seems simple enough.....

The core of Valentine's Day resonates with the message of Tony Hsieh and Simon Sinek. What really matters and how often do you choose to remember it...?

For far too long we have separated work from life for fear that one might corrode the other. The feeling that one cannot be happy at work or take their work home with them. Clock out and then start doing what you enjoy. That's nonsense! You should do what you love all the time! Not to say that you have to quit your job at a manufacturing company to open a surf shop but to identify the intent of your actions. Are you motivated by what you love?

A shoulder to cry upon....
I was sprinting through San Francisco's financial district last week on my way to a meeting. I saw a young lady and her friend in front of a high rise office.....she was crying. I don't know if she had trouble with work, her marriage or was simply frustrated. But it seemed nice that she had a person she could rely upon that would brave the cold air with her to help her put away her tears.

Do you have a best friend at work?

Memorable Experiences
In the locker room at the gym I heard 2 people talking for 10 minutes about absolutely nothing. They traded cordial hellos, made a few jokes, and talked in broad strokes about life's inconveniences. It was a waste of breath.

What is the content of your interactions? When you talk to people are you navigating small talk to get along to the next part of your day...or are you making an effort to change that person's day for the better. It takes a considerable amount of effort to make a meaningful contribution to every conversation you have but if this is not your intent why open your mouth?

Make an effort to produce a memorable experience for everyone with whom you interact.

The Rainbow's End
If you were genuinely honest with yourself what would you really want to achieve? Doesn't it just come down to being happy? If every task you performed, every conversation you had and every project you worked on produced HAPPINESS wouldn't your life be wonderful?

Why can't it be that way?

You have the power to interpret everything you do every day with one question in mind....why is that important to me? If it is not, give it the least amount of priority.

You cannot be happy if you choose to let the priorities of others or meaningless tasks navigate your priorities.

You can be happy if you allow YOUR genuine intent to guide your decision making process. To be positive..to engage your WHY in each decision you make...to let LOVE be the central force of what you deem to be important....and to act accordingly.

Be Happy!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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