Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Has this man lost his mind? If he has what does that mean to you?

The verdict is still out...there are those concerned with his well being and others who really want to see him fail. This man with Adonis DNA, Tiger Blood and an addiction to WINNING may be in the throws of a nervous breakdown. He has admitted to smoking multiple rocks of cocaine, devising a plan to build a porno island and paying large sums of money to multiple hookers for the purposes of having a full audience in his home theater to watch Apocalypse Now.

There are uprisings in the Middle East, young Americans dieing, our economy is in the toilet and I have the nerve to write about Charlie Sheen?'re dam right I do!

The Gentleman who romanced Ferris Bueller's sister has managed to do one of two things:
* Fooled the world (if temporarily) that he is clean, sober and addicted to WINNING
* Quit smoking rock cold turkey and has been reborn by his own set of rules

Either way, I find his bravado-filled tyraids equal parts hilarious and inspiring!

"...Categories are far too terrestrial..."
The musings of a mad man or an invalidation of the need for statistical evidence prior to action?

The Celebrity world lives by a process:
1. Success
2. Drugs
3. Rehab Hollywood you are practically a failure if you have reached your 30's without rehab. What if Charlie Sheen is right? Bill W had a disease, he does not...he feels that he cheapens Bill W's cause by pretending to be sorry for having fun.

Do we all have to be at the end of our rope to over-consume in the off season?

There is a man at the local pub that sits at the end of the bar inviting debate. Many label him the Village Idiot. His musing based on countless literary conquests make as much sense as anything I've heard from a corporate CEO. Charlie Sheen's laser focused vision statement makes as much sense as anything Tony Robbins ever said.

Convention ties us up, we are obligated to be polite and we dismiss the insight of a drug addict as insanity....what if we're wrong? What if everything we pretend to know is not knowledge at all? Is being polite an innovative strategy or a cop out? Why be embarrassed to sit with the Village Idiot?

I don't know Emilio's step brother and I am sure I would be creeped out by his self destructive behavior. No one reserves the right to squander their potential! But, I admire his courage - It is difficult to fight the battle every day after 45 years on Earth. He IS a Warrior!

How do you define WINNING?

Don't Forget to Remember!


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