Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I woke up early, headed into San Francisco and put in a few hours of lap topping in the Financial District. I then headed to Union Square via China Town and found this >>>>>>>>>>

It may as well have been the Mona Lisa! In the bare morning sunlight the artwork of Banksy looked to me like Heaven! I knew it was going to be an incredible day.

Banksy has been around as a commercially accepted vandal for 10 + years. Many have only recently made his acquaintance through his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop":

The aforementioned film documents the masked voyage of street art and the anonymous pirates that create these often ignored beautiful pieces of magical law breaking. Banksy's film explores the subjective nature of art and it's interpretive validity, but I am more interested in the process. I grew up wealthy enough, played varsity sports and attained 2 college degrees...I also spent a fair part of my youth running from security guards after sliding hand rails in various public establishments. I have never touched a spray can but I guess I appreciate the process and pursuit behind Banky's art. As a Skateboarder, I never meant to destroy anyone's property....I just yearned for the screams of appreciation from 100 of my close friends after kick flipping 12 stairs. Until you've flown double over head and landed four wheels at a time, I would not expect you to understand that joy.

I applaud Banky because no one has ever seen his face. He presents his art for all to see with only a moniker attached and he is willing to go to jail for us to observe it.

The best part of this story is the unadulterated support that the China Town Community in San Francisco has shown for this piece. I am ever grateful of their recognition of this extraordinary conveyance of human vulnerability and their knowledge of it's creator.

To me, art is represented in the drawings of my four year old son, the way my wife stands on her toes when she is looking in the mirror, the thrill of the underdog knocking his foe into next week, the raising of strings at a ballad's coda, the gum wall in Seattle, the smile of an old friend at an airport is ours to observe and appreciate!


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