Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am fortunate enough to spend my day helping organizations develop the strategy of appreciation.

Occasionally, I will hear people say - "we don't believe in recognition here"!


Everyone wants to be recognized for what they do, everyone appreciates rewards, everyone needs a pat on the back for encouragement!

I understand the commodity employee recognition has become and the according stigma:
- It does not make sense to give a person a gift with a company logo on it or to select a gift for them that they do not want.

- If you are inarticulate in the way you recognize a person's achievement in a speech to their peers it has an adverse effect.

- If you force someone to participate in a contest in which they have no interest, it is nothing more than another task.

- If you ask me to pat someone on the back for a job that was done in mediocre fashion the nominator, recipient and the organization suffer.

- If I am able to order an expensive prize after 5 years of shitty work, that is nothing more than entitlement.

If you have made employee celebration a commodity you might as well:
1. Burn company money
2. Post a company mission statement written in morse code
3. Help your employees sharpen up their resumes

You cannot be transparent in the way you LOVE your people:
* Every employee must be personally engaged in the reward with which you empower them!

* When you speak of someone who you have manged for five years and you do not have the ability to inspire them to tears - you should be FIRED!

* The Reward should encompass a Choice!

* Everyone should have an Equal Opportunity to be Appreciated!

* The choice to participate should be an Honor not a burden.

In simplest terms, everyone is different. Your employee should be a contributing business partner specifically because they can do things NO ONE else can do.

Know What Makes Your People Unique and Celebrate accordingly!

Don't Forget to Remember!



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