Friday, December 4, 2009

The Unseen Divide

It's 5:00 - punch out and run to the bar, gym or to your daughter's recital. Take off your tie, untie your boots and put the day behind you. Work for the weekend, TGIF, work to live.

The paradigm between ones personality and the work he or she does has often been more like a great divide. The phrase "work hard, play hard" is often used to explain a way to make money through vigorous effort and then to use a similar motivation to blow it all on the fruits of the night. Essentially, when you have hit the peak of your motivation go out and knock yourself down several pegs so you can spend Monday and Tuesday rebuilding your confidence. We wouldn't want you to get too focused and apply your energy directly.

These days we spend less time in an office, yet our hours of work are extended...9 to 5 is certainly a thing of the past while a mid day motivational recharge has become essential.

My Continued Proposal: Use the Energy Behind that which you Love to Motivate you at Work!

No more dividing your hobbies and interests from professional task management and careers; they do not have to be separate.

People love you at the Happy Hour because you are honest in your direction, supportive of others aspirations and expressive in your motivational intent. Why are you less honest, supportive or verbose when the loud mouth soup is no longer in your hand.

You dedicate yourself to your favorite sport of rowing. Out on the water every Saturday morning displaying leadership, courage and teamwork. Yet on Monday, your hand sits at your side when project volunteers are requested.

The Violin is the key to your soul; your outlet.....why can't symphony be part of your professional development....why must you escape to it?

We do not have to live this way!!! Love what you do and you will thrive every day!!!!


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