Monday, July 27, 2009

Recognizing Professional Talent in 2009

Any business leaders who tell you that they have not been effected by the slumping economy are in denial (for better or for worse). EVERY business is faced with sustaining productivity with fewer resources. Many companies have downsized, others have merged to survive, and some are closely managing margins to stay afloat. Business Leaders have made the case to investors for additional funding while profits are down. As a result, demands on those lucky enough to be employed have been intensified.

With added pressure on all organizational facets one trend rings universal: THOSE WHO PRODUCE NEED TO BE RECOGNIZED AND REWARDED!

* Every company has an anniversary milestone program. With reallocated budgets many of these programs have been reduced to certificates and lapel such mementos encourage employee engagement?

* Every sales organization works on incentives, but how are you rewarding the more 'task oriented' departments?

* Employees are extending their efforts above and beyond their general job description....what are you doing to recognize this extra effort?

* As margins are managed more closely tensions are elevated. What avenue is presented for inter-departmental collaboration? How do employees extend a thoughtful 'thank you' to one another off the battlefield?

* As roles in Talent Management programming are redefined how are HR Professionals extending their business relevance to Senior Management?

Three things to consider in ponderance of the above mentioned questions:
1. This recession will not last forever. The "Luck to Have a Job" era will end soon...when it does the mistreated will find greener pastures!

2. NOW is the time to reassess your Total Rewards Strategy (even if you do not have the budget or plan to make program adjustments)!

3. There is a way to bring Business Critical Return on Investment to programs that are perceived as 'fluff'!

In a 10 part Blog Series over the next 10 weeks these issues will be addressed to assist you in formulating a Total Recognition Strategy. Please subscribe to this blog and fasten your change navigation helmet!

Don't Forget to Remember!

- Dave


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