Monday, May 11, 2009

Headlock the Hopeful

Friends -
Competition is an interesting thing. In a day and age when it would be presumed that helping one another has never been more important, we seem to survive on the failure of others. 'Better her than me'...'don't jump on sinking ship'...'why would he try that'. The aforementioned themes are ruminating from those in the bleachers with crossed arms across America.

There are those who believe that the concept of "everybody wins" is a slogan for a culture of wussies. Question: are you winning because you are the best or are you winning because no one else seems to want to join in the seemingly meaningless charade? In essence, are you the King or the Court Jester? And if someone always has to win and you are willing to be that someone are the others falling short of your energy or is your energy misdirected.

Next time you beat your chest in victory - take a look around - there may be a reason why you are celebrating alone.

Until Next Week - Keep your head up and your stick on the ice!


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