Monday, January 17, 2011

Love & Glory

At a certain point, I came to discover that two things matter:
Love & Glory

You know the joy of triumph. You may find it in the strumming of an acoustic guitar, the words of your beloved, the thrill of victory, the taste of fine wine, as tears roll with movie credits or in viewing your child's foot from their crib.

Brothers and Sisters, we cannot forget these moments in time, for tomorrow they will be gone!

Winning is the accumulation of effort fueled by the strife of our loved ones. We stop feeling sorry for ourselves, leave the front door into darkness and go hunting for what is rightfully ours. Effort and determination ignited by the divine truth that we deserve to be happy.

Love and Glory are ours to experience: Not to force but to forge...Not to assimilate but to realize.

So if you are in strife, you need to remember this:
* When you meet your wife, you will know instantly
* Your effort when coupled with stamina will ALWAYS produce success
* The best way to avoid disappointment is to do only those things that you believe in

I've been waiting for you
When I was a wayward bachelor my friend's told me - "don't worry, when you meet 'the one' you will know". Sounded stupid at the time but sure enough when I met my wife...I knew.

You have to have a certain amount of belief in this life. That nothing is impossible, that the level by which you achieve can be raised every single day, that there is such a thing as magic, and that fate has brought you to this page at this moment for a divine purpose.

If you let your mind overwhelm your heart you are going to miss your wife as she walks past you...only catching the scent of her perfume.

Effort (is not) everything
In a perfect world your results would be a measure of your effort. The world is imperfect. Some times you work your ass off and you get outsmarted, your game plan is misconstrued, you get too caught up in the details.

The definition of character is trying, failing and understanding how to grow from it!

You have to fill your heart with determination and let that carry your effort. You also have to develop an ability keep your cheeks dry when you lose.

I can tell you with great certainty that the winners are those you develop an ability to see opportunity in disappointment.

Square Pegs
Some times you try and fail and try again without results....this may be because you are miscast. I will never be a calligrapher...I simply don't possess the ability. I could write and draw and trace and never have perfect penmanship. I have owned that. I know what I am good at and that which will never be a possibility for me.

With effort you can achieve anything. But your effort is best directed (and your life benefited) when you perform that which your skill set addresses directly.

Working Hard is the American Dream. Working Smart is the understanding of your skill set. Finding what you are meant to do and dedicating yourself to it is living your true human potential.

Life has it's peaks and valleys. You will see the girl you love walk away. You will practice harder and lose. Terrible things will happen to great people....and sometimes, things will just fall into place!

You have to BELIEVE in yourself! In that you are strong because of your dedication to be a better person. That every time you lose you get closer to winning and that every action has a divine purpose in the bigger picture!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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