Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Humble Gratitude

I never understood the touchdown dance...to achieve through determined action and then perform a ballet seems contradictory. I have had my moments of arrogance and I regret them. Worse than failing, is winning and tarnishing your trophy. If you read this blog you know I am anything but traditional. There is, however, a time for respect. A nod to the effort of those you beat down is probably a good Karma measure. Not everybody wins, Capitalism is the American Dream, and respect is not deserved to those who mail it in.

We cannot evolve without those around us who accelerate our effort. The spirit of competition is to push one's self beyond the thershold as a benefit from those with whom you compete. I have spent my greatest moments of achievement alone (and I assure you they have been monumental in scope). I am grateful for that!

Here are 3 ways to Win Gracefully:
Understand the Benefit of Your Work
Replicate the Process
Reward Not the Uncaring

What Got You Here
You won! You gave your full effort to a task, achieved and have progressed from it. Reflect on it......!

Don't throw your hands up or dance...take a breath and to yourself celebrate that achievement!

Learn and Earn
It is difficult to hold off the celebration and retrace your steps when you win...but it is important. To understand the process of your effort, to find the pillars and to make them part of your strategy. You would be surprised how impressive a rehearsed routine can be if presented properly. Point by point procedure is a gateway to production.

Retrace the path to success and replicate it!

No Orange Peels
...let's not confuse the situation. If you put no admirable effort forward, you deserve not a pat on the back. If you busted your hump and fell short, you need not be over critical of yourself!

You need not pick up your rivals when they fall. You don't have to shake hands if you're pissed. There is nothing wrong with being distraught for not measuring up. I will take the guy who does not accept failure (regardless of qualification) over he who smiles in defeat, every day!

Pin your opponent, score the game winning touchdown, win the million dollar deal...and give yourself a few moments to take it all in!

Congratulations! You Deserve It!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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