Monday, November 29, 2010

A Challenge

Bill Parcels had a way of motivating his players by antagonising them. He tempered them to the point that they chose to succeed in spite of him....when they won, he won. Coach Parcels has been profoundly misunderstood. The only shots you see are those of him yelling at his Quarterback after the drive that put them up 4 TD's.

Phil Simms told the story of having played one of the best games of his career after which Coach Parcels discussed with him the potential areas of improvement. Phil felt deflated for giving his best effort, winning, yet receiving no recognition....he told the coach to get lost. To which Coach Parcels responded:
"It pains me to see that my expectations for you are greater than your own"

The Key To Success is to always ask more of yourself than any one else does. To exceed the expectations of others you have to set your own goals higher. To look at your quota, double the number and make that the norm.

Every Company has their Elder Statesman....the guy (or gal) who welcomes you to the company and tells you how 'things are done around here'. This is known as abuse of tenure. The reaction of most 'up and comers' to this altering regulation is usually inspired courage; not because of the Elder Statesmen but in spite of him.

The Challenge:
Allow Not The Past to Dictate the Future
Estimate Impossible Revenue Goals (and Double Them)!
Recreate Possible

The only reason anyone advises you of what is possible in any given profession is to regulate you. Allow not yourself to be regulated. People will tell you of their extraordinary past achievements to show you a line in the sand. Leap the line. We all know that acquisition of knowledge can take a while. One must learn his/her trade and market. As you grow and progress don't allow yourself to regress based on the ill advising of others. The only reason others tell you about the past is because they want to preserve it. Break The Mold.

How do you maximize your plan? Look at the number, put metrics in place to get there incrementally and proceed each day with said plan in mind. Look at the expectation, determine its reality and redefine. Set check points along the way, leave yourself notes and stay the course.

Know this....if you are going to restructure the standard there are no days off, achievement must be measured every day and you have to out work everyone. First to work, last to leave. Are you ready to accept that challenge?

So you have put the past behind, committed to winning on a higher scale and now you have to believe it is possible. There is not an achievement that can be put into motion without a belief in yourself. Doubt will creep in, use it to better prepare. Most people will discourage your effort, find courage in the weakness of your detractors. There are no limits. You can achieve anything. You simply have to walk into every day with fierce determination and sustain it!

Are you ready to redefine possible?
Can you commit yourself to every day?

Progress will have new metrics when you are through!

There are 25 work days left in 2010! Go To Work!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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