Thursday, November 4, 2010


There is a spreading epidemic: Competitive Paranoia Syndrome (CPS). CPS is an affect of the lack of strategic purpose due to concerns over what one's competitors are doing in the market place. Of course, it is healthy to know your opponents and to formulate a strategy that pits your strengths against their weaknesses. But, if you are consistently concerned over what 'they' are doing, you will lose focus on what 'you' should be doing.

In the great sport of football research and development has become a prominent department. Players and coaches alike spend a dedicated portion of every day studying their opponent's playbook. In reaction, some teams completely change their playbook every week. Other teams know their opponents know their plays...and run them anyway! That's Right, if 'you' do what 'you' do very well, what 'they' know means nothing.

So here's the premise: Execute Your Strategy (and disregard what the competition knows)

1. Your competition has an edge only if you haven't prepared properly
2. Don't disparage the other team
3. Competition is everywhere

You First
If you are concerned that your competition has an edge you haven't prepared properly. Out game them! Address client needs within the context of your differentiating skills and knowledge. In the lost moments that you obsess over your competition's philandering tactics you could have been out prepping them.

Concentrate on what you are good at, show your clients what you can do, and work candidly to develop a fit. Dishonesty is transparent! There is never an edge in underhanded tactics.

Talk Is Cheap
Prospects need to trust you. They may bait you with the question of what differentiates you from the other guys. Responding by trashing the competition breaks your trust with the prospect. Don't do it.

Tell the prospect what you are good at and allow them to evaluate the other guys. If they play dirty, you will win.

It's Not Just Them
You compete against other vendors, the prospect, your constituents, your management team, the market, your family, alternative solutions, and everyone you come across.

You don't think everyone has ulterior motives? You don't think everyone who intends well for you won't provoke your competitive nature to ignite your full potential? You don't think your prospect wants your fullest commitment?

Wake Up Man....competition is everywhere. You need to put your game face on, perform and win! Accept not defeat! It's you against the world. You don't have to be mean spirited...but you do need to look out for YOUR best interest! Be the best you can be, drive the process and proceed with class.

No one trusts a slick talker and talking bad about others will only reveal your insecurity. Drive the bus and you will eventually shake the hangers on!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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