Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Consider The Alternative

I take my profession seriously. This, because, I am in the business of Human Relations. Somehow, some way, I lucked out and found the best job in the world. I am able to help people do their job better, to assist them in finding what is genuinely important, to help share their success, and to attach business results to all of it. Pats on the back with a purpose. It's a pretty great life!

I get to interact with people of all ages at every rung of the organizational chart. A young person with whom I recently conversed told me she was distraught by her place in the world. She wasn't having any fun at work and it was affecting her personal life. She had read a blog I had written regarding the fact that we are all individually accountable for our lot in life. She felt helpless.

We all want to be happy and if we spend most of our waking hours at work, our professional lives become personal. Telling people they are great is great, helping them prove it is better.

No one reserves the right to put a finger in the face of another human being, our jobs are far less important than we pretend, and those who abuse their authority will never be happy.

For the benefit of those who love what they do and those who have lost their way alike... let us ponder the following:

You Should Hate People Who Hate Their Jobs
The profound misunderstanding in our workforce is that bad apples spoil the bunch... you underestimate your workforce! People are always willing to be empathetic to their peers but bitching has a shelf life. After a while the bad apple falls off the tree and there are no branches left to break the fall.

Money Doesn't Matter
I don't remember the amount of the largest commission check I have ever received. My best work can be characterized by giving a co-worker a hug when they really needed it.

You may make a lot of money but at what expense? You can always make more money but it won't be worth it.

Practice Your Retirement Speech
You should start building your legacy the moment you start your career. There is nothing more important than developing the capabilities of those who have come after you. If you guard your knowledge it will catch up with you. It is in the process of teaching that we learn the most.

Picture yourself in a room at the conclusion of your professional life:
How many people are in attendance?
Who would you mention to carry your legacy?
Will they be cheering when you go or crying for what you have left with them?

Don't Forget to Remember!


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