Friday, April 19, 2013

Don't Chase The Paper

The great Tony Hsieh concluded his keynote at the Society of Human Resource Management annual conference with this quote a few years back. The release of his book, Delivering Happiness, made Tony the talk of HR town. A shoe company had become the benchmark for productive organizational development. Since Tony's speech in Las Vegas, I have personally delivered over 100 public address engagements....most of them advocating Core Values as the organizational lifeblood.

Rule #3 of the New Rules of Engagement is: Make Money a Non-Issue!

What? We work to make money so we can afford a lifestyle that will allow us to distance ourselves from the work we do...right? Wrong!

Now more than ever companies have reached a stage of maturity that has revealed a great certainty:
Money does not derive passion! fact, the opposite.

Show me a person who took a job for the money and I will show you a desperate person!

Employee recognition is about the prize. That is why employee recognition is dead! The concept of recognition is affirming existence. You better do a hell-of-a-lot more than recognize that I exist to keep me on your staff. there's a concept!

Everyone wants to bounce out of bed every day with the feeling that they are part of something bigger than themselves. It is no longer about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but the process of getting there.

Benefits = entitlement.

Performance incentives are far more involved.

20 Grand! 

That is the number I have correlated that makes up the difference between selling your soul and living a purpose driven life.

What a crying shame!

I would go so far as to say that people who are miserable make 20k more (annually) than people who love their life.

Don't believe me? Ask any CEO what their biggest career regret may be and they will reply:
I wish I spent more time with my kids!

My favorite thing in the world is to hold my daughter in my arms. I am acutely aware that the privilege will be gone tomorrow.

In the long run, the most valuable asset we have is time.....and the clock is ticking!

You have 29,200 days on this earth. Are you willing to abort your happiness for an extra $20,000 a year?

Don't Forget to Remember!


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