Monday, April 1, 2013

Be Incredible Today!

It is hard being a parent and a professional. The balance is never elegant. You want to work hard and expand your professional excellence without missing your son's baseball game or your daughter's dance recital.

He braved long hours at the office, business trips, early morning writing sessions and late night conference calls with comrades across the globe. Still, each night he made an extra effort to make his son's lunch for the following school day. Each night leaving a note for his beloved boy to discover during his lunch hour:

Be Incredible Today!

They spoke not of these notes, but each time his son saw those words he felt as though his father was sitting right next to him. It made him proud, it made him feel safe.

Today, he raced out the door before the sun had shined with an uncomfortable feeling in his foot. Without enough time to adjust his shoe he soldiered on into the working day. Morning coffee, early hours in the office, calls, webinars, meetings with employees, meeting with clients...and still his foot felt awkward.

He made it to the airport and called home to get an update on the day's school work, practice schedule, and the bills that needed to be paid. Then he boarded another airplane to another place, his foot still tingling.

After a cancelled connecting flight and a few hours catching up in the airport lounge he finally arrived at his destination braving a show storm in an unsafe taxi. He finally found his bed with just 3 hours to sleep before his next meeting. He removed his uncomfortable shoe to examine what was causing the discomfort....what he found was a note written in the penmanship of a 7 year old boy:

Be Incredible Today!

These days pass like falling leaves. He do what we can to make things right. We want to be good parents and exceptional professionals. As a tear crossed his cheek he realized that the little things matter most. It is not the expensive vacations or cool gadgets that earn us an irreplaceable spot in our children's hearts. It's the note in the lunchbox, the cheers from the grandstand, the walk in the park.

Our prophesies pronounced are to be practiced. The best way to honor your time spent is by using it well.

Be Incredible Today!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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