Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ripple Effect

Last week we talked about producing a Ripple Effect in the workplace to inspire a 'pay it forward' mentality. We used the Disneyland Formula:
If a woman sees her son laughing his face off on a roller coaster, I guarantee all the frustration of parenting escapes in that moment. She is filled with the irreplaceable joy of giving life and growing it. So when they hop off that ride and she holds the door for a guy who is frustrated that the vacation is not going as planned maybe he will remember why he is at Disneyland. That hug that Gentlemen gives to his wife may help her remember why she loves him. And so a Ripple Effect is produced......why can't your office be the Happiest Place on Earth.

I am asked daily to help organizations determine the ROI of recognition. It is not an easy question to answer and I do not believe in stretching the truth to pontificate a presumed point. But, if we review the example above, everything depends on our interactions and their positive outcomes. Will your company go out of business if you do not appreciate the people who work hard for your organizational cause....probably not. But, if you hire great people they have choices. So let's ponder the cost of the following:
* What does it cost to hire, train and onboard a new employee?

* If your company was 10% more productive would it be worth it to give each of your employees a $100 gift card?

* What is the savings to your organization if every employees stay onboard for at least 5 years?

* If non-incentive based departments were given rewards for performance would they perform better?

* If a customer service rep got a pat on the back from a Sales Rep for every order they completed would this expedite their process for order completion?

Bottom line, if you appreciate your employees in a formal manner through nominations, spot awards, service celebration and performance incentives your business results will increase. The expense of an i-pod is not greater than the benefit of completing a project a week early and sending 6 temps home.

Rewards without meaningful delivery and an according company culture are meaningless. We need to produce a Ripple Effect.

Find out how next week......

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