Friday, April 30, 2010


Friends -
A few weeks back I introduced you to the concept of Awesomeness.

This methodology for inspired living is based on years of professional experience, the lessons I have learned and some tips for doing right by yourself.

Awesomeness is:
Always remember the little people
Wishing must be accompanied by a well prepared Strategy
Every opinion is only an effort to curtail your unique motivation
Synchronize Professional Courtesy and Personal Interest
Only YOU can determine YOUR success
Many bridges must be crossed to find your way home
Even a broken clock is right twice a day
Never Give Up
Estimate impossible revenue goals - and double them
Simplicity can be the pathway to expertise
Some people are assholes - ignore them!

In the month of May we will review these concepts individually and expound upon them.

Drink them it, digest them and share them with the world!

Don't Forget to Remember,


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