Thursday, January 14, 2010

Without Category

In Human Resources we are research heavy: white papers, surveys, references....."show me what other organizations are doing". While 'proof' is always great to defend your decisions it also detracts from your need to be original in your design process. How would 'what works across the street', work in your halls of sacred organizational interaction?

Dare to Know Your People!....and design something completely unique to your company culture.

We live in a time where insecurity has created a need for metrics. New hires must have certification, qualified experience and the test results to prove it. New vendors will require 28 references and a 20 year business prospectus. It is understandable that the need to protect one's position would require some hard facts.

How does hiring safe differentiate you as a thought leader?
What critical organizational differentiator does fact checking serve?

What if we lived in a place where there were no presupposed metrics for success...if the organizational function we performed was completely unique...if every company had their own identity? What if every CEO knew what her people wanted and was able to create a culture around the aspirations of those in the trenches?

Further, what if we lived in a world where gender, race, professional position were not preconceived fuel for our insecurities? Hard to Imagine? It's not so hard if you TRY!

Creativity is killed by standards and can companies celebrate the unique people in their cubicles without cultivating an organizational culture.

Create and Differentiate don't Copy and Check the Box!

Don't Forget to Remember!

- Dave

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