Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Requesting Your Company

Kate Tempest spoke about how music made everything seem more important. That the sound took over her soul and the words gave her life a purpose. The artists brought an urgency to things which made her understand how precious every moment can be and what a crime it is to waste time on the mundane.

We affiliate the term urgency with paranoia, impatience or immediacy. But cannot urgency be affiliated with a need to live in the moment? We need not rush to prove ourselves but to emphasize the importance of removing our blinders.

Think about the breakthroughs in your life. Life altering moments may come through hearing a song, watching a sporting event, through a dream or just taking a walk.

Some times we just get comfortable. Some times we just get bored.... if you bring yourself to believe that everything is important... maybe it all will be!

Be Positive
I remember the point in which I accepted that my life was no longer going to be about ME! That I was going to have to tone down my narcissism (which was no small task) to make room for others. I vowed to listen to a whole lot of Flaming Lips and Polyphonic Spree as my soundtrack for conquering every day. I failed.

Pretending to ignore your inefficiency simply isn't a remedy. Smart people are naturally pessimistic but the heart matters more. If you waste your life outsmarting the competition, you may never get on the field.

Audience Ears
I've made a life as a salesman. I learned how to speak in public and how to be charming.... and then I realized it was more important to listen than to talk.

Empathy is a salesperson's best friend: The ability to ask questions that allow another to share their expertise (or at least share their story).... to nod your head not just shake hands.

If people know you are willing to listen, they will tell you anything.

Revisiting The Victories
We tend to look back on life with the mindset of where it all went wrong. We sit up at night worrying about what might go wrong. We tend to forget about all the awesomeness and how infrequently our fears have manifested themselves.

Case-in-point: Think about that person who you let down or embarrassed....? Then you see them again and they remind you of all the great times you had together. The only shame is that you didn't pick up the phone sooner.

Past failures can be mended, no one expects you to be perfect and you've probably won a lot more times than you remember. Don't spend your time worrying about what was because it probably wasn't what you think.

Remember the Little League Championship!
Remember the first girl you kissed!
Remember the time you set your hand on a friend's shoulder and made her feel at home!
Remember the time you told your friend to snap out of it... and he did!

Forget about that time you took a header in the street after drinking too much Yager... There are no lessons to be learned there....and it happens to the best of us.....!

Don't Forget to Remember!


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