Monday, December 22, 2014

Looking Back

On February 2nd of this year Philip Seymour Hoffman departed from our world. He left behind a body of work that one could spend a lifetime observing. Mr. Hoffman is simply one of the greatest artists we may have had the opportunity to watch on the silver screen. With each day in 2014, good men and women have lost their lives, they deserve our respect. The musing on the tragedies of the year behind conjure the opportunity to find grace among the madness. It is our life's virtue to find opportunity from that which is lost and to leave behind more than we take.

Extraordinary songs have been written, films acted, and games played; each of these moments encapsulated in time give us something to reflect upon. In these moments as the magic happens the embodiment of the achievement documented or otherwise is given a life of it's own. I will never forget winning (2) Little League Championships, the first girl I kissed or where I was when I heard a friend died. We put these moments in the attics of our lives and find a ladder to revisit them when necessary.

We tend to look back on times of embarrassment and/or loss under the critic's microscope. When was the last time you reflected upon all of the wonderful things you have achieved? It is not difficult to pull from the archives within your heart all of the beauty this world has to offer. It's just easier to pound yourself over the head with all the times you've fucked up.

Next time the inconvenience of the world keeps you up at night, take the opportunity to re-frame your mindset from worry to that which has gone well.

I'd like to think Mr. Hoffman's last thoughts were of those he loves. I'd also like to believe that the power of his spirit will carry itself into the lives of many... to help us remember what we've done well and to remind us that when we are at our most vulnerable we are indeed closer to God.

I've had more influence over people in various age brackets in 2014 than in any other year of my life. I get to teach young people the spirit of competition, I have the opportunity to help young men find jobs, I have communicated with people on every curve of the globe this year, and I have two little people under my roof who afford me teaching moments every day.

We have to invest heavily our time in changing the hearts of those with whom we engage. It is not what you take from any day but what you give to it.

Think through the moments that have crippled your heart: the person who fell out of love with you, the job you lost, the time you ventured to believe you knew everything. Did that which kept you up at night turn into tragedy? In most situations it did not... and you lost days of your life hurting people around you... because your fear of solving a problem created uncertainty.

When you believe in yourself others follow suit. If you allow negativity to run your mind, you will not only lose your focus but the respect of those around you.

As the sun sets on 2014, consider the following...

When the sun sets on your life do you even remotely believe that worry will enter your mind?

Don't Forget to Remember!


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