Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Debriefing SHRM14 - The State of The Workplace

The sun has set on the 3rd day of programming here in Orlando and those of us who were lucky enough to attend the 2014 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference know how the US Soccer Team felt playing in Brazil. Through our blood, sweat and tears we got closer to (re)certification, attained an exorbitant amount of knowledge, found solutions to unmet needs and made a few new friends. This was my favorite of the last 7 SHRM Conferences thanks to the quality of content delivered! Applause to everyone who makes this monstrosity of an event possible!

I met a thousand people and heard from the industry's boldest thought leaders. It was a perfectly Human event filled with Resources. Allow me to share my thoughts on the State of The Workplace as it relates to what I learned at SHRM14.

It Take A Village
A few myths dispelled at SHRM14:
- Innovation is not a symptom of technology.
- Engagement is not a symptom of rewards.

The advances in technology have made it increasingly easier to start a business. Find a concept, make it systematic, and program accordingly. While our organizations rely on technology, it's overuse has opened a flood gate run dry of human connection. The days automating a solution are being trumped by people who simply don't want to be reliant on a system to connect them. The best presentations this year shouted one great certainty:

Our Employees need Humans as a Resource!

Why Not You?
Who did you admire at SHRM14? A speaker, a person you met, a new business partner who solved a problem for you? As I looked over the thousands of people from the 3rd level of the convention center I was overwhelmed by a thought:

What if everyone in this place shared one idea with everyone else? 

You Didn't Expect It To Be Easy... Did You?

In the world of Employee Engagement we talk about being happy at work. We want fair pay, a boss who understands us, flexible work schedule, the ability to wear whatever we want, and a Thank You for our every action. While the world of work is evolving, we still have to earn our pay check.

Engagement cannot happen without our divine effort toward something we believe in. There is not a platform, app, or prize that can engage us. We have to know what we want, to be willing to fight for it, and to bring the village along with us. Many chose a career that was convenient and went through the motions. Some get to the point of self-actualization and realize they cannot merely be satisfied with their job. There are those people who do not enjoy work, feel they are out of options, and wait to retire to be happy.

The Human Resources world is more determined than ever to find a cure for our Engagement Crisis. What if all it takes is a whole lot of knowledge, some great resources, and a network of people who believe in you?

Because you acquired all of that at #SHRM14. Now its time to have the guts to makes difference!

Until next year.....

Don't Forget to Remember!


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