Tuesday, September 17, 2013


There are people everywhere who are struggling. The middle class is getting closer to penny poor and the rich are keeping up with the Joneses. Money cannot buy happiness but lack-there-of certainly can ruin everything. There is a lot of pressure that goes along with making a buck and hoping the fruits of our labor will bring us something sweet. It's not the money, its what the money says.

"When money talks, I hate to listen, but lately its been screaming in my ear"
- Ben Folds

I see young couples arguing over money (some get divorced because of it). A man and woman work really hard for a month and once the bills are paid there is barely enough to buy your sweetie flowers. That really isn't fair.

Let's Assume Life Is Not Fair!
I used to be a miserable person. I bitched so much about what wasn't working that I forgot how lucky I was. There have been a few people in my life who have caught me in my self-absorbed moments and have told me I was acting like an asshole. I remember these interactions because they served as a wake up call. Show me a complainer and I will show you someone who is not maximizing their potential.

Our plight is to look upon what isn't working and to make it better. Because we can.

Have You Forgotten?
As we advance through this world we tend to get comfortable. When we stop moving forward, we start moving backward, and then it all catches up with us. We may fail at our job because we have lost the willingness to fail. We tend to forget that we have been here before. We have faced challenges and conquered them. We have looked upon the impossible and made it possible. It is not our duty to tell tails of the past, it is our duty to repeat our success.

If you forget how to love yourself, no one else will.

The Turning Point
15 years from now will you look up from a bar stool and try to remember where it all went wrong or will you smile from your porch swing at what you have made possible?

Everybody faces disappointment. You will work hard and it won't be good enough. People less-deserving will get promoted. The man with everything will throw it all away. People will misunderstand your effort. You can choose to let life's unfair swings control you or you can take control of your life.

Be brave and conquer your challenges. Remember to be patient with those who do not understand you.

Keep your head strong and your heart soft....We can do this.

Don't Forget to Remember!



  1. Hi David - Very well said, as always! I particularly like that way you project the reader into 2028 and challenge us to look back on how our decisions today affect that date. We tend to have big dreams for the somewhat-nebulous future, not realizing that today IS the path to the future. My current favorite quote is "Transformation is a present activity, it is not a future event" (Jillian Michaels).

  2. Thanks Jeanie! I always appreciate your insight!