Wednesday, July 31, 2013


In a song called Delicate Cycle, Ms. Kimya Dawson discusses the necessity of community. She sights that increased wealth and/or fame create isolation. Furthering the point that money (nor fame) can buy happiness.

I lead a life of varied pursuits: I am a Sales professional, a Marketing professional, an HR professional, a student mentor, a youth soccer coach, a volunteer adult educator, a dad and a husband. The only synchronicity I have equated to the aforementioned hodge podge existence is...

Uncertain interaction fuels our existence!

Stability is boring. Knowledge attained but not shared is wasted. To ignore those who need help is as much a detriment to you as it is to them. Negativity is the result of inaction and inaction creates isolation.

One cannot achieve happiness alone!

I do not know if there is a better feeling than showing someone how to do something and witnessing their acquisition of a skill. Tom Chatfield proves in his book, Fun Inc, that human beings compete not to see others lose but to engage in a communal activity. It may then be said that those most competitive have the potential to be our strongest corporate citizens.

I have been a strong opposition to generational stereotyping. It is inelegant at best to characterize people's motivation based on when they were born. It is also the easy thing to do. Too often we look for logic in the way we proceed through life so that we can quantify our effort. Measuring every element of our being may be efficient but we have to be careful not to program the romance out of life.

The profound disconnect in human motivation exists in the belief that we have to be hyper-focused on one thing. My belief is that our lives are formed more fully by doing a lot of things well as opposed to doing just one thing really well.

You can be as fascinating as you wish if we are willing to be fascinated. Everyone has something to teach, we fear to do so because we are afraid of being misunderstood.

I have traveled many miles to see people I do not know. I have stood in front of thousands of people sharing what many are afraid to say. I have helped people of all ages become a little bolder. To discover the unknown...or at least to try.

Don't Forget to Remember!


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